Dr. Susan Partovi

is a family physician who has created several Street Medicine teams to provide medical care and assistance to people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, California. Her award-winning memoir, Renegade M.D.: A Doctor’s Stories from the Streets, tells the stories of some of these patients and serves as a source of education and call for advocacy to support those experiencing homelessness, especially those suffering from severe mental illness, trauma, and substance use. She is working on another memoir titled This is Haiti about her work with H.E.A.L, the nonprofit she cofounded and serves as co-CEO. 

More about Renegade MD: A Doctor's Stories from the Streets

Dr. Susan Partovi first experienced poverty medicine volunteering at a dump site in Tijuana during high school. There, she recognized the need for all people to have access to quality medical care. Over the years, she has worked in various facilities around Los Angeles County, incorporating her renegade method of going the extra mile for her patients. In all she does, she works to provide a safety net of care for the underserved skid row community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Recognized internationally as a leader in street medicine, Dr. Partovi started documenting her patients’ stories so that others could hear their voices. By addressing the practical and moral considerations when treating each patient, Dr. Partovi developed her philosophies about what it means to be a “good doctor.” Along the way, she began to understand how her personal ethics evolved―from a challenging childhood and complicated relationships with her parents, through professional hurdles―often, she had to push against a system that doesn’t always put the patient first.
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Dr. Susan Partovi

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Taking a Stand for Humanity

“What does it mean to be a ‘good doctor?’ Be caring, conscientious, accepting, and encourage others to do the same.”


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